Here at Sexy Little Secret, we want women to feel empowered and confident and lingerie is a truly fabulous way to do this. Why? We hear you ask, isn’t it just about sex? The answer to this is NO! Think about how you feel just after you have just had your hair done or had your makeup done by a professional. You feel fabulous, strong and ready to take on the world right? Well, lingerie can do just the same. Wearing it will make you feel sexy and strong and it is your secret to behold! Why not feel like this all the time?

This is where the 5 day challenge comes in! The challenge is simple, you simply have to wear lingerie for 5 days in a row. This will be on days where you are doing your day to day activities. Work, shopping or household tasks, activities you never think of wearing lingerie. You are probably wondering why? Well if your first layer of clothing will make you feel amazing then you will exude that confidence throughout your day! Try it and tell your friends about our Sexy Little Secret 5 Day Challenge. #5daylingeriechallenge #sexylittlesecret