Own your beauty and confidence! We can all buy as much lingerie as we desire but we can’t put a price on our confidence! Remember you are priceless and amazing, so unleash your inner vixen, be bold, be beautiful and remember your smile is what makes you truly shine. If you are still unsure then follow our handy commandments for you plus size women out there and let us hear your tips to feeling great.

1 | Own It:

It’s a well-known fact that confidence is the sexiest thing there is. So just remember that as long as you’re confident, there’s no lingerie you can’t rock! Keep this in mind, too: the person you’re with wants to be with you, not in spite of your body, but because of your body. So dress it up! Wear a little bow and you’re the one present they can’t wait to open.

2 | Start Small:

Because confidence is key, start off in your comfort zone. Especially if you’ve never worn lingerie before. A silky chemise or a sweet babydoll is a great jumping off point! Then you can build up to that crotchless bodystocking.

3 | Mix It Up:

You can be cute or naughty, and lingerie helps you play either role. If you usually go for the sweet and sexy look, keep your lover guessing in a ravishing red bralette set and black leather blindfold. Who wears the blindfold? That’s up to you. 

4 | Focus On Fit:

We promise you can get skimpy lingerie that is in your size. Similar to clothes, wearing a size too small never flatters. Get the size that fits and rock it!

5 | Accessorise:

A lacy mask, fuzzy handcuffs, a tasseled choker – they all complete one sexy picture. Most importantly, don’t forget those sky high heels! They make everyone’s legs look amazing.

6 | Black Lace:

Ok, so this one isn’t a plus size specific commandment, but it’s an important one. Black lace is classic, seductive, and no lingerie collection is complete without it.

7 | Nothing Is Off Limits

From silky teddies and strappy bodysuits, to that skimpy schoolgirl outfit, there’s nothing that says you can’t wear a certain kind of lingerie. Put it on and your lover will be eating out of the palm of your hand!

With love Katie