Lingerie Basic Rules

The world of lingerie can be very confusing for men and this is often amplified when tasked with buying the lady in their life a beautiful gift, be it their birthday, Valentines day or Christmas. Lingerie, with all of their sizes, terms and what not could make you very nervous about buying the wrong lingerie gift but don’t worry, our lingerie buying guide for men should help you along the way and give you the confidence you need to know you have made the right choice.

Step 1 - Get the right size!

Pretty much the golden rule when buying lingerie is to get your partners size right. If it is too big or too small she may decide to not tell you but the downside to this is you will never get to see her looking sexy in her new outfit! So how do you know what her size is we hear you ask? This is pretty simple really, look in her knicker drawer and wardrobe and look at the labels! Bras will contain both band size and cup size. For example, 34B is a 34 band size and a B cup. Knickers and other garments such as corsets or babydolls, on the other hand, may come in generic small, medium or large or maybe in the relevant women’s size counterparts such as 10, 12 or 14 etc. Use these sizes along with our handy size charts to ensure you are getting the right size.

Step 2 - Its for her, not you!

One of the most common mistakes men make when buying their partner lingerie is buying the lingerie they want to see her in without giving it much thought if she would actually feel comfortable wearing it. The last thing you want is to buy her something too provocative that she may not enjoy wearing, it will make the whole situation awkward. If she feels comfortable, she will feel sexy and sassy and this will give her a huge confidence boost and put a smile on her face. You have to get the balance just right.

Step 3 - Get the right style!

Again, going back to keeping her in mind it’s important to get the right style. This means choosing colours and styles she likes to wear. Again look in her drawer and wardrobe as this will give you a good idea of things she likes. That said though, just because she doesn’t own a chemise or a corset doesn’t necessarily mean she wouldn’t wear one. Only you know your partner best and again if you truly are buying it for her and not you then you will most likely get it right.

Failsafe Plan - Go for the matching set!

It’s important when buying lingerie to make sure it matches, no woman wants to get a beautiful black and gold bra with a pink pair of lace knickers. I mean you wouldn’t go out wearing odd shoes, would you! We have a beautiful range of matching lingerie sets and for a woman, nothing is sexier than a beautiful matching lingerie set! See, we told you we had you covered! Now, what are you waiting for, take your new found confidence and buy your partner something she will look incredible in!

If you have your own lingerie buying guide for men then please drop it in the comments!