What size bra are you? Are you a 32B or a 34DD, do you even know what these numbers even mean? Measuring your bra size and getting it right is very important and whilst we highly recommend getting your bra size measured professionally you can measure your bra size yourself by following this simple guide to help you along your way.

Step 1 - Band Measurement

First off we will measure your band size. Measure around your back and under your bust where your bra usually . You need to make sure your tape is not twisted and flat against your skin. Also, do not pull the tape measure too tight. This is your band/under-bust measurement.

Step 2 - Cup Measurement

Next, take a second measurement this time around your back and the fullest part of your breasts. You can use your nipples as a guide to the fullest part of your breasts. This is your cup/over-bust measurement.

Step 3 - Calculate Cup Size

Now round both of your previous measurements to the nearest whole number. Your cup size is based on the difference in inches between the two measurements. Using the size guide below you can determine your cup size.

Cup Size Calculator

Difference (Inches)12345678
Cup Size - UKA B C D DDE F FF

Now that you know your size, you should browse our stunning collection of bras and corsets. We have a wide variety of bra’s in sizes ranging from A to FF so we are sure you will find one you love.

If you need any further advice about measuring your bra size then please do not hesitate to get in touch.